The only self-ventilated and watertight stone veneer which mechanically fastens with screws to the wall

Available throughout North America!

How does it work?

NovaBSTONE is a concrete stone veneer. The stones are stacked one on top of the other, installed with screws at every second row. No mortar, no mess.

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1. Easy to install

Similar to Lego Blocks, stones are stacked one on top of each other. Every 2nd row is screwed to building. No mortar or glue is required.

2. Clean installation

No mortar, no mess. Installed with simple tools; cordless drill.

3. Affordable

Two units per square foot. Save on prep work and labor. Fast installation.

4. Water resistant

Temperature free; no limit with cold temperature. Weather shield, no water from outside. Self-Ventilation system.

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