NovaBstone is a concrete stone veneer installed with NO MORTAR. NovaBstone are stack on top of each other which create a durable and water resistant veneer.

NovaBstone can be installed on many type of building structure; wood or steel frame, concrete blocs or insulated form pannels. NovaBstone are mechanically fasten to furring strip or wood veneer, no need for stone/brick ledge on the fondation. This enables NovaBstone to be self-supported, ideal to replace wood, vinyl or aluminiun siding.

NovaBstone is used on new or renovation for residential, commercial or institutional projects.

All mortar mix inconvenient are avoided, NovaBstone can be installed in winter condition without extra costs. No color variation, no mortar joint height variation and more important, you can install as many rows as you can as you don’t need to wait for mortar to set.

NovaBstone is easy to install, install cost is lower than regular stone installation. Home owner are able to install NovaBstone with minimum skills.

NovaBstone mortarless stone system has differents accessories available; ouside L-Shape corners, window sills, wainscote caps and pvc starter strip.

NovaBstone is a stone concrete product there to last.